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Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World
I already beat this on Wii U a few months ago and from what I can tell the only things the 3DS version is lacking are HD graphics and two player co-op (and on Wii U I think I played through almost half of the game on the GamePad so I was losing the HD anyway). The 3D effect is nice and runs at a smooth 60fps on New 3DS (and a respectable, but not always consistent 30fps on old 3DS/2DS).
The little videos they added of Poochy and Yoshi are cute but you'll probably only watch them once (I haven't seen them all yet because they only unlock one video per day). It also supports more amiibo than the Wii U version did (if that matters) and you can design your own Yoshi now which I don't remember if that was possible on Wii U. I played only two of the new bonus Poochy levels and they were fun. They play like an endless runner and you have to complete 3 bonus objectives.
Right now I've played through the first two and a half worlds, I don't know if I see myself playing through this whole game again but I wouldn't have minded a cheap eShop spin-off of just the Poochy levels. If you've already beaten the Wii U version I probably wouldn't recommend spending $40 (or $50 if you want the version bundled with the Poochy amiibo) on this one, but if you haven't already played it on Wii U then you're getting the same experience in portable form.


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