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I don't think forums in general aren't as popular anymore. I really do thing the way these ones have to be navigated just turn people off.

I really miss the "view active topics" that listed all the threads that had posts in it while you were away. Also, the "view your posts" that listed every single thread that you posted in that had new posts. "Recent comments" shows the last few comments, but its usually all within the past day which doesn't help too much. And "my discussion" is also a bit confusing because new comments would highlight the entire title in red before on the forums which made it easy to see.
Those two links, along with the MCP, were the first things I opened when coming to this site and I really miss them a lot. View active topics would make navigating the forums much easier again.

Currently, if I want to see all the new posts in each forum I almost have to open up 7 different tabs to do so if I haven't been on for a while. Maybe we should consider consolidating these forums into random, consoles, portables, and website to make things a bit easier for the time being? Or can we possibly make a page similar to "Recent Comments" side bar where it just displays the active topics of the last 2 weeks or so? (view active topics) The forums themselves are fine, but we are just missing those simple things the previous one had to make navigating around so much easier in my opinion. That is what hurts them the most.


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