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IDK about others, but I basically stopped posting frequently when they changed to the current GN site. The forums aren't really used a lot, because they don't work like forums usually do. Forums are def still used a lot. At least the news topics are still active.

Also, the community was quite different in those days I think. There's still people who post frequently now who were often seen back in those days (I'm talking like roughly 3y ago), but I see much more negativity and people who are quick to judge these days. IDK, I've grown kinda tired of that kind of attitude, so I mostly stick to more, pardon my arrogance, 'mature' communities. On this site, I usually got into arguments with people, haha. Too many people who can't take criticism to their aguments so they just hide behind "Am I not allowed to say anything negative about Nintendo?" type BS.
Too bad because I always enjoyed going here for discussions and I think RMC is a splendid guy.

And seriously, it's really lame Tduck is allowed to spam his hate on here. Stating a negative opinion is one thing, but if it's literally all you do, often in the most flamebait-y or ill informed ways...Seems very disrespectful to RMC.


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