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Wed Feb 22 17 08:59pm
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Even if it's the original, it's still impressive to have Skyrim on a handheld.

Problem is having the SE out has taken the wind out of this version's sails immediately. If this was the only new version to launch in the last few years, I imagine a lot of people would have been pumped to revisit it on a new handheld but if you love Skyrim or games like it, chances are you've had ample time to play the remaster that came out last year. Is handheld Skyrim a big enough draw for them to go back to it again in such a short amount of time, presumably with less features and worse visuals to boot? Probably not. That leaves the Nintendo hardcore fans who may have never had the opportunity to play it so we'll see how that plays out. Maybe BotW will start a hunger that they'll go to Skyrim to satiate, who knows.

Ideally Nintendo should have thrown some of that Wii money Bethesda's way and got the next Elder Scrolls on Switch as a timed exclusive, or even just get an exclusive new ES game on a less grand scale. Either would have had far, far more impact than a repackaged 2011 game, and impact is what Nintendo needs.


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