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Thu Feb 23 17 06:30pm
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I wrote this on comment in the video:

Great find Andre, your last bit about the signal strength makes a lot more sense than desyncing with the example of the right joy-con analog stick moving a bit better when the port light is covered or behind your back. Remarkable, if this is truly the case I believe a firmware patch down the road (not at launch) can fix the signal problem with the joy-cons. I say this cause just like it was found now that bluetooth headsets aren't compatible with the Switch which is strange cause the console has Bluetooth 4.0 and the joy-cons use 3.0, there should be on channel left for bluetooth headset signal. (depending on the channel it uses)

So a firmware update down the road to fix this signal issue with the Switchs' bluetooth in theory should enable and fix the signal issue.

I forgot to mention the interference from the room your in like the vid mentions and also in the comment section but I do believe fixing the signal will resolve that as well too.