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Thu Feb 23 17 07:33pm
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I was about to post this and I can't believe I forgot that a boost is the signal means will eat the batteries of the joy-cons even more. 20hrs is great (more than I expected) but I think at least for I can take sacrifice in battery power for signal strength. With so many way to change the joy-cons it almost seem like a no brainer but I can see why Nintendo made the choice to make the signal weak as it is. They made the tough choice (probably through testing) that signal issue isn't something that happens to often (perhaps) so they went with battery power over signal strength.

So this also confirms once again the this can be fixed with firmware update but ultimately your sacrificing one power for a better signal strength.

So what's it going to be guys; better signal strengths or more battery life for your joy-cons. Where do you stand on this? What is more important to you?