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1. I like to quickly refresh the site during the day on my phone when I have a quiet moment but I find the 'GoNnintendo' home / header pretty small and it takes a few presses to get it to respond. A bigger home button on mobile would be great.

2. I only just found that the forums excited after using the site since September - seems like quite a few peeps on there would like them to be more visible and my experience seems to back this up.

3. So far I've been reading and posting on specific stories. However, the site moves so quickly - i.e. is updated with so many stories - that I find the conversation runs out as the stories are pushed down pretty quickly. I sometimes have to click back 3 or 4 pages to see if a conversation is still active - and often it's not. Love the site and love the amount of activity don't get me wrong - but maybe theres a way of keeping active stories visible on the first page?

Really good work going on here though - I'm returning to gaming after a long break and it's been great to find a site with a tone as constructive and interesting as this.


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