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Mon Feb 27 17 10:43pm
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EDIT: Remember how you had a special news alert (or whatever it is called) the other day reminding people about how to filter content for BotW? Could you do that, but for this thread to increase visibility/awareness? I'm sure a lot of users have thoughts, but won't ever be aware of this thread due to the apparent difficulty in finding the forums.

Random Thoughts:

Google chrome plugin that lets you view recent stories.

I honestly have no idea if this is possible, but could we get a feature that lets you view all new stories since the last time you visited the site?

How about a feature that lets you choose how many posts to view per page?

Can we add timestamps to posts? As RMC is on the EST, that would work.

I said this in the other thread, but can you move the sidebar titled: Recent comments, to under the header like it was in GN...V3 I think it was?

Remove large/wide banner in favor of a smaller and more compact header area for the desktop version

Personally against this idea, but if it works well for other users, than I'd support it.
More mobile-first UI; right now things are mostly just scaled and re-flowed from the desktop version. This could mean bigger, clickable buttons for mobile devices, etc.

Hmm, I would prefer you keep the website as a desktop first site, but if a majority of your traffic comes mobile like you said above, I guess it would make sense to do it the other way. I'm getting the feeling that you might be attempting to put together an app. If so, maybe keep the site as desktop first as mobile users would have the app?
Re-introduce a more traditional forum layout; if the blog style is really not so conducive to discussion

YES PLEASE! I really liked how the forums used to be, in terms of maneuverability, the ability to see threads with new posts since your last one, the ability to only at threads that you had commented on, sort by active posts, etc.

Also, I think this is already on your To-Do list, but a more fledged "ranking" system. Although rather than ranks, I liked how it was based on Nintendo IPs. "Apprentice" just doesn't have the same ring as "Shyguy".


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