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Thank you for all these!

Just wanted to say, we don't have any client or device-specific technologies in the works, though I'm open to them if you know anyone who develops for those. The "Recent Stories" is the default for the site, btw.

Been thinking of something like the "since last visit", kinda like the forums used to have. Someone once suggested a "pause" button, partially for what you're thinking, but also to limit the pagination changing while browsing backward (you know, like you're on page 3, but when you get to page 4, RMC has posted two more stories, so now page 4 has two stories you just saw, and you've gotta go all the way back to the index to get caught up). Anywho...

Modifying a timestamp is easy enough.

I do have some work to do on the ranks; though I don't see it as a Nintendo-only ladder like we used to.

Sadly, when it comes to devices, desktop is now the minority, and shrinking every month. I guess my point is that it's easier to extrapolate a desktop experience from a streamlined mobile-first idea than shoehorning everything you can do on a desktop screen into a handheld.


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