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It's the amount of amperes pushed to the system that matters, not the voltage. Well, the voltage matters in that if you don't use the correct voltage either it won't work or you could fry your system, but voltage is standard in USB so you won't typically find chargers with different voltages, but rather with different amperes.

Indeed, a system that can suck dry a 4000+ mAh battery in less than three hours needs more power to actually be able to charge the battery AND still get from the charger the energy it still needs to run, which is something that you'd need to consider if you were to buy a power bank. It's likely that your phone charger doesn't push more than 1A (phones typically don't need more than that) which would not be enough to both play and charge at the same time. You simply need a powerful enough charger whilst perhaps bearing in mind that pushing too much power to the system might not be a good idea either. Getting a charger that outputs around the same amount of power as the one that comes with the system and dock should be enough. As mentioned by others above, typically, tablet chargers output more power than phone chargers, so that's worth exploring.