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I've been playing The LEGO Movie Videogame for 3DS.
Every time I play one of these LEGO games on a handheld I always say it's the last time I will play this series on a handheld because they feel like half the game of the console version. But it's never true, I always come back because these games just feel like they are meant to be played on handhelds (I look forward to playing them on Switch because that's the only way we'll get the true console versions on the go). This one though is easily the worst I've played and I already know I will not finish playing through it.
Graphically it's pretty weak, and there are sometimes weird angles that can make your eyes feel funky if you have the 3D effect enabled. It is something I've noticed that happens in nearly all of the LEGO games I've played on 3DS. The framerate sucks, too. I don't expect AAA level budgets to be going into a kids game of course, but it's still disappointing.
There's 40+ levels in here and they're all pretty short. There are traditional levels that play how you'd expect from a LEGO game, but they can be beaten in just a couple of minutes and some of them have annoying touch screen segments added to them. Then I guess to change the pace a bit, they added levels of you falling and you must aim your character to dodge objects, and another type of level where you're in a vehicle on-rails. Those two styles of levels just felt like filler and I didn't enjoy any of them except for the traditional style levels. The worst part is that you can die now, and when that happens you must restart the level. As I've said, the levels are short so it's not that big of a deal, but there are no checkpoints either so every time you die you will be starting from the beginning. I recently beat The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD with no deaths, now I'm playing a friggin' kids game with 20+ deaths and am not even halfway through the game.


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