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After a large binge with BotW over the opening weekend (it's really good, but I do long for some dungeon crawling of the classics), got out my SNES and started playing Joe & Mac with the girlfriend.

I am surprised that game stood the test of time so well. The game even looks pretty decent on an HDTV (considering how garbage so many games look with one). I would definitely love to see this game get some love one day in the future. I remember when my brother and I would compete to see who "got the girl." at the end of every level, made us super amazing at the game after hours and hours of that game. Joe & Mac, along with Rampage and Gauntlet, was my brother and my trifecta of games we'd constantly play and compete with in a way that didn't get us fighting.

But now I am bitter, cause my girl is getting the girls...


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