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Wed Mar 15 17 09:05pm
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i think there has been a missunderstanding to this topic caused by translation.
the origin is a german podcast, which im hearing right now and, fun fact incoming, paused right befor that part and watched this video.

in that section they just talked loosely about gpu/cpu architectures and third party support.
and they just compared the different architectures from different console generations.

thats where he said, that nintendo "switched" from architectures nobody had experience with (gc,wii,wii u) to an architecture the programmers have at least 10 to 15 years of experience with.
and then he compared that to the programming difficulty like ps4/xbone/Smartphones. as they more or less all share the same dev kits and dev tools.

so he basically just resaid things we allready knew and has been told a lot of times.

im gonna xpost this under the youtube news video as well.

edit: a few minutes more into the podcast he says that he bought the switch just as everyone else in a store.
but, and thats a big but, they do have switch dev kits for a long time in their company. so he is very comfortable with the switch. but that mainly points to the development of the hulu switch app. which too his words is more or less done and just waits to be release aproval by nintendo.