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Mon Mar 20 17 08:05am
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Welcome to rom translating 20 years ago.

Playable on any device under the sun including the original wii. Save file transfers enabled!

This feels like a "last guardian" problem. Make the fans wait for too long and by the time you decide to release it, people have lost interest. Besides you have far bigger issues to persuade customers to pay money for an official rom, mainly the fragmentation of your VC service (tons of games on the wii, far less on the wiiu and...you start over with the switch...yeah right - maybe you need to take some lessons from sony on this one) and the idiotic pricing (you make people spend 10 euros instead of 8 on earthbound, then you drop it 40% and then you expect people to pay for earthboundd zero?) so this is going to be an uphill battle...to make a lot of people interested...

and dear square enix, if I wanted a portable system thay can play SNES games I got a ton of options, do not treat the switch as the console that will only recieve the quick and dirty ports...