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Nintendo bump ? What is this ? I sure hope it's not something that was refered to by professional journalists. Anyone that actually knows what they're talking about would conclude that this thing does not exist and that if anything, critics can actually be harsher towards Nintendo than they are towards most other devs.

It is insane how far fanboyism can go sometimes. So some people are not okay with Zelda getting such high praise and because of that they feel like they have to start this whole thing. That's all I read into it and I'm pretty sure that's all there is to read.

We all know blockbuster games get higher scores than they deserve. There were some actual cases where even journalists themselves admitted it. MGSIV and GTAIV are good examples of that. With Nintendo however, journalists sometimes mention the reverse effect were they admit being harsh to a game and years later realize it was actually pretty good for a number of reasons.

I'm tired of people having no knowledge of the industry feeling legitimate to talk about it. This is acting like Nintendo has no precedent in doing exceptional stuff. This is not even aknowledging the unique position they hold in this industry. In short, not knowing what they're talking about.


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