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In this day and age, complaining about is an excercise in futility, to me, as the whole mainstream "reviewing approach" is already handled in some of the worst ways.

From the "professionals" perspective, the GamesJournosPro website affiliates and a lot of the smaller reviewer Internet places in the process (at least the once I've seen so far) have their vision/rating of a lot of games inheritedly skewed due to each people's individual biases... and that's fine, as in everyone's possibility to be entitled to their opinions, of course. What's not fine, however, is when the people in charge of the making of selected games come all their way to pay some of these websites as a means of sponsorship; at that point, I'm already doubtful on whether said websites's reviews can be considered 100% legit with the website owners themselves taking cash from the departments of the very same games they're reviewing... A quick example of this trend would be with IGN's campaigns of Mass Effect 2 and Lego Dimensions, from the top of my head. There are other things to me to be considered when pondering about the "pros", but this is one of the easiest shady things for the average Joe like me to spotlight (always considering that each case might be more than one cases or even different reasons altogether).

Even the "everymen" guy on the Internet's opinion is often times questionable when considering the group of reviews because one can never tell if the intent of a specific self-made reviewer is to give a honest impression about the game, exaggeratedly offering high or low scores for games as in to try to give his/hers favorite titles a better spotlight or just to make a troll review. That's also why I don't like the structure of the website Metacritic at all on this aspect- you can't never tell if the people posting in there are doing it for a thought-out personal insight or just to justify/diss his/hers personal history purchase or the direction of anyone else. After all, you don't want to run into someone whose only reason to critique stuff is to inheritedly play favoritisms towards selected products and/or against others just because, ... don't you?

tl;dr: *Company X Bump* as a concept is an already flawed one in my eyes to begin with, considering the modern bias-based background of reviewing... Good thing I tend to forget any other people's opinions once I have gathered enough experience for myself to judge anything on my own lel


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