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I loved Dragon Heroes Quest on the PS4. I came very close to getting the Platinum in it, I was hooked. It does a very good job of being a hack'n'slash type of game while still keeping the Dragon Quest Theme and a JRPG feel to it.

Dragon Quest Heroes, Hyrule Warriors and ARSLAN are the only games I played from Omega Force (Dynasty Warriors series). So I might be different than others who possibly have fatigue from their style of games.

Dragon Quest Heroes II is very exciting to me because it allows co-op play, and that was the biggest thing I felt was missing from the original. I was planning on getting it for Playstation 4 (it comes out April 25th), but I think I'm going to wait for DQH I + II on Switch instead. I played the demo from the Japanese eShop, and I can tell the visuals and performance is worse than the original on PS4. That's a bit disappointing, but I'm kind of hoping that has to do with it being a port (possibly rushed). Besides the added functionality of mobile play, and the 2 for 1 bonus, I'm picking it up on Switch because I'm hoping there might be a sales goal Square-Enix needs to hit before bringing Dragon Quest X & XI to Switch in North America. Getting those 2 games, with added mobility would be incredible.