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Tue Mar 21 17 01:03am
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It is insane how far fanboyism can go sometimes. So some people are not okay with Zelda getting such high praise and because of that they feel like they have to start this whole thing. That's all I read into it and I'm pretty sure that's all there is to read.

I imagine these people are desperate to downplay Zelda because of how things have been for entire generation so far. The other consoles (At least in my opinion.) didn't have much going for either of them for the first few years. People still bought them, of course. But from my perspective, the PS4 (for example) didn't really become worthwhile until a few months ago. (I now have one and I'm enjoying it.) But it still hasn't had that absolute killer title that naturally draws people in yet. I don't think the Wii u had one either. To me, it seems like these people don't want the switch to start off with a title, that could be argued to be that kind of game. Especially with what we know is coming later this year.

Basically this whole "Nintendo bump" thing sounds like people setting up a very desperate attempt to attack the only thing they haven't touched yet. I don't know if anyone outside of Nintendo fanboys really care about these arguments. And while it'll be easy for them to just continue arguing about this imaginary "bump" for any other title they release in the future. It all falls apart when you realize that they're trying to suggest that the people who were totally fine on riding the Nintendoom thing for years, are now suddenly and completely bias in their favor. Even when the last game that came close to just getting nothing but praise was probably the last of us.