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Wed Mar 22 17 01:08am
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"Yeah but that's why Armature was going to port it. Might still be the case."

If they are going to pay for Armature to port the game to a defunct system, why not port it to both?

Or if they only want to pay Armature to port the game to just one, why not the one with better technical specs and the bigger install base?

Virtually all of the (completely valid) reasons that porting the game to the Wii U is a bad idea apply doubly so to the Vita version.

"Rime felt more bad that it was cancelled"

wait what

"I wonder when it eventually fades,. will the Vita be remembered?"

When it comes to systems that I do not own, I can generally name a lot of games that I wish I could have played on them, and I think even the most cynical Wii U hater can at least admit to having an interest in *some* of its exclusives

I honestly draw a complete blank on that when it comes to the Vita.