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Wed Mar 22 17 01:28am
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"Rime felt more bad that it was cancelled"

wait what

Aw sorry, that was meant to be when it was revealed it was vaporware and there was no game, and the studio disappeared for a while. Kinda felt canned then. Yep... Proofreading fail.

In regards to Wii U, it's still possible the games will not be locked like some of the Gamecube has and seemingly forever have (Eternal Darkness, Soul Calibur II Link's edition, F-Zero GX, or any other collaboration they've had in that system).

The Vita feels like most of the exclusive stuff got ports to either the PS3 or PS4. I've mainly read people commenting about Visual Novels on the Vita, and some strategy games.

If Nintendo were to port most of Wii U, I could still think of a couple of games harder to port either because of the gamepad or because it's not financially good, like Star Fox Zero, The Wonderful 101, Nintendoland, and I suppose Tokyo Mirage Sessions. I could see other stuff getting ported with some slight adjustments.