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Wed Mar 22 17 07:45am
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So that is now four games crowdfunded under the pretense of a Wii U version not actually seeing a Wii U release. Bloodstained, Yooka-Laylee, Project C.A.R.S., and The '90s Arcade Racer. And of the latter two, one's not seeing any sort of a Nintendo release and the other's outright dead.

I've actually been keeping a running log of this stuff. Over the years, we've seen four multiplats that were meant to get Wii U versions not actually doing so, three multiplats whose Wii U version was gimped compared to other systems (even if those systems were the PS3 and 360), two games whose exclusivity were pre-empted before they were even released, and ten former Wii U-exclusives ported elsewhere (three to 3DS, two to Switch, and five to non-Nintendo systems.) Plus two other games that were slated for a Wii U release outright moved to Switch.