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Thu Mar 23 17 03:58pm
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"Well, you have to admit that that's at the very least pretty misleading. Especially when you draw conclusions from the outdated data."

If Sony wants does not want people to draw conclusions from outdated information, then they should update their information, lol.

It is not hard. Nintendo manages to give an update on the Wii U's abysmal hardware sales every three months.

If Sony does not consider the last four years of Vita sales important enough to actually publish, then I am not inclined to treat them any differently.

"What you did would be like me saying I only drink occasionally"

That analogy breaks down since in this case Sony is the one doing the drinking and also the one making the vague, evasive claim about how often they drink (presumably because the truth embarrasses them). I am just reiterating what they said at face value. Razz