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Thu Mar 23 17 10:59pm
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Now I've been playing (or trying to play) The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes (Japanese version).
A few years back Nintendo gave away The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure on DSi and 3DS as a free download and I was disappointed they didn't at least add in an online mode to it. Well now they've built an entire game around that concept again that finally does support online play and it ended up not being as good as I'd hoped. This game is good...when it works. I skipped this originally because of the region locked multiplayer because the friend I wanted to play with is in Japan, but thanks to the magic of homebrew I can get around that now. But it almost feels like it wasn't worth bothering with, because the number of shitty Japanese players I've run into is surprisingly large, unfortunately. Nobody wants to join the game and play it as intended, instead they see my friend and I who are both new to the game and more experienced players come just to troll us. Only two or three times did someone join who wasn't a complete douche bag and we all played and had fun, but we had no way to add them as a friend because...well, this is Nintendo and they don't like letting you do things the easy way (hence why I had to go through the trouble of homebrew just to be able to play with my friend in the first place).


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