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Fri Mar 24 17 07:07am
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Yes, after the fact, you pointed it out. That's the issue. This is something you need to say at the moment you use misleading words like "most recent" unless of course your intention is to mislead, which doesn't surprise me.

It's not some imaginary deadline either... It's absolutely normal to clarify these things at the moment you say them instead of waiting until someone catches on to it.

Geez. Y'know, I have an issue with taking things too literally, but I seem to better understand the implication of certain words than you

EDIT: Also, I see your fanboy has once again given you an upvote on each of your posts. And yes, I use the word fanboy correctly here

Anyway, I'm done with this discussion. If you want to use misleading words and trollishly claim you did not do such a thing, that's fine. (At least, I don't want to believe you somehow can't understand what people are saying and what your words imply; it has to be intentional.) But I know that I can't have a proper discussion with you about this