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Fri Mar 24 17 04:13pm
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"This is something you need to say at the moment"

No, I do not need to say it at all, let alone at your convenience. We are not in school and you are not a hall monitor.

"It's not some imaginary deadline either... It's absolutely normal to clarify these things at the moment you say them instead of waiting until someone catches on to it."

Er, no one 'caught on'. Despite the alleged vast stretch of time you seem to think passed, no one else bothered to look any information up or point anything out. I was the one who did that, lol. Outside of the one reference to VG Chartz's nonsense numbers, every bit of information exchanged in this conversation has gone exactly one way. Even now, you do not have -- and have not offered in turn -- a single bit of data on this subject that has not been volunteered by me.

(You're welcome, btw.)

The hole with your theory is that if I specifically wanted to keep anyone in the dark, the first step of my nefarious plan against an inanimate piece of metal and plastic would have been to just do what everyone else on this site does and never clarify and never link to anything. Your basic unwillingness or inability to do your own research would ensure you would never be any the wiser.

"your fanboy"

which one

"But I know that I can't have a proper discussion with you about this"

Well, obviously. It is impossible for you to have a proper discussion with anyone when you insert yourself uninvited into their conversations (apparently on subjects you do not even care about) with the thesis 'You're a lying liar who lies and is out to get me'. That is just bad faith.