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Fri Mar 31 17 11:58pm
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I agree with MR_RY.

While I've been a HUGE fan of the directs, we are close enough to E3 that I don't want one. I would rather have a strong E3 presentation where they can really take advantage of the large public interest in the switch to blow the doors off.

I will say though, a "Spring Release + 3DS Future" Oriented Direct would be nice. Focusing on whatever small details they may have on Mario Kart, giving us an info dump about ARMS, maybe something Splatoon related, a little more info on the FE Warriors game and a tiny teaser of a future game to be revealed properly at E3. And then just detailing what the 3DS plans for 2017 are, because I want them to get that out of the way so they don't waste too much time on it at E3.


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