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I agree 99%. I do think gamers tend to confuse difficult but good controls with straight up broken controls. How many people claimed that you could play LAIR with the awful six axis controls if you only took the time to learn. But those controls were very much broken. Motion controls are tricky and if they can't be precise you can ruin the whole experience.

I gave star fox zero a real chance. I played the majority of the game except I couldn't beat the last level. The screen was too chaotic. Having to shift my attention between two screens. One for maneuvering around obstacles and the other for precise aiming became irritating and frustrating. If you took the time to master that control scheme then much power to you. But for me that wasn't challenging with a learning curve, it was unnecessarily complicated and required my neck and head to look up and down look up and down constantly. Putting stress on me as I played. And I had to sacrifice good movement for good aiming constantly leading to many unnecessary deaths.

But complaining about the jump button in zelda...that's not a worthwhile critique.


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