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You shouldn't use the term "broken" in such a case. Imagine a (hypothetical) game where you find that the controls are broken for you, yet no one else experiences such problems. Would it really be appropriate to call the controls "broken" in a review you'd write in such a case? Would it not give a false impression? "Broken" should really be reserved for such cases where the controls are broken for everyone. Why not use phrases like "They don't work for me" or "I have trouble getting them to work properly" or - better still - elaborate your experiences so everyone can understand what precisely you're talking about. It's the misleading use of the short and misleading term "broken" that the author objects to - and I agree fully.

(After all, imagine you go to a customer service to return a computer that you claim "Is broken"; when the clerk checks it he discovers it works fine, how do you think he'd react if you replied "It's broken for me"?)


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