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Controls is a huge topic. I did try to warn folks about Snake Pass' controls some time ago before the game released. Isn't there an "easy" setting for the game too?

Most of what I wanted to point out have been pointed out already in the video and in the comments. I also think that there will always be those arrogant kind of folks around who always get angry over even the simplest things, and are too ignorant to take time to learn the controls for a game that's trying to do something different than the traditional "3D platformer". Let them be. It's very important to at least state the specifics of the control layout in the review to find out how they are playing it. Personally, I don't really care for written reviews. I play however they recommend me to play and also eager to try new ways to play a game. For me, that's where the real challenge is at.
The solution for this is for developers to implement more customization; more options the better your product. Especially in an age where we're now seeing varied methods of input: touchscreen and motion in a single game, I think they should provide some sort of remapping/adjustment in addition to traditional, and have a developer-recommended setting as the default. Control schemes/remapping keys, has been a standard on PC games for decades mostly because you primarilly would use a keyboard and/or mouse on there with gamepad controller (through USB) as optional/secondary (Snake Pass is on Steam too, by the way). The Conduit [Wii] offered very customizable (motion) controller options, nevermind the story/level design.
I still believe and urge console game developers, major or minor, should work a little harder and opt to provide the choice of button remapping in their control settings. That way, everyone can be happy. But if they're not doing that, then maybe those developers are arrogant too, and we can all have a jolly ol' raging party about it together.


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