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Wed Apr 05 17 05:28pm
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I can understand that. Although a part of me want to see them maximize the Switch hype train by going all out during E3 week. I know the feeling that E3 isn't as big as it used to be but it can't be denied that many eyes are on the gaming industry during this time. I kinda want to see the same approach that they took for the Wii U back in 2012. Have a pre-E3 direct a couple of days before their usual timeslot and then go back to a live stage presentation. They can use the pre-E3 direct to go over details for their online service, VC games, OS upgrades, etc. The stage time will be for the release dates of big games and third party announcements. They can also do a separate presentation for 3DS games at the Treehouse. That's what I want to see but I wouldn't be opposed if they release new details for some of those stuff in a direct sometime this month or even May.


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