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I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I haven't learned a thing. My opinion is EXACTLY the same as it was at the beginning.
The problem is simple: In theory you are correct: Everything is subjective and based on our personal experience. Just as I cannot disprove solipsism. BUT we do not live in an abstract, theoretical world. We need to communicate with others to manage life in the real, every-day world which forces us into contact with others every day, and for that we need to compromise and thus base our language at least in part on more objective terms and aspects (which are usually established by consensus and majority). We need to establish our language along more objective criteria, otherwise it would not work and we'd be eternally stuck in endless misunderstanding. So while you are correct in theory, in living practice you're mistaken. "Broken" means that it doesn't work. If it works for some, it cannot be considered universally 'broken' (The difference with your example is that the Joy Con was wobbly due to a manufacturing mistake and really WAS different from other units; whereas a game is an exact.copy and therefore one copy cannot be broken for one and not for another since they are the same for both). You may deem that "intrinsically hypocritical", but it is a necessary compromise of coexistence.

And as for your final warning: NO ONE . not even RMC - "forced" opinions onto others. He gave viewpoints and argued and implored - which is pretty much the polar opposite of "force". You were actually far more forceful in your wording.

So I am sorry, but I have to inform you that you wasted your time, and I still stand entirely by what I said.


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