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I hope so. I don't think Mario Kart will do as much as people might think in terms of a system seller. If it was system seller, then those people bought a Wii U and likely have already bought a Switch.

I'd be interesting to see how many systems Mario Kart sells.

The newer franchises like Splatoon and Arms I'm unsure about. Personally neither appeal to me but I know Splatoon was a big hit so it does have potential to sell systems.

I'd like them to take Virtual Console serious this time around and use it smarter to fill gaps between new releases and be more frequent and generous with the amount of VC releases.
I'm also hoping for GameCube support.

Lastly, again as filler titles, tap into a few HD "remakes". A double Donkey Kong Country Returns pack, F-Zero GX (even though we deserve a new game), Metroid Prime Trilogy HD, Eternal Darkness HD (use the damn trademark for once).

Either GC VC or remake a few in HD - I don't think both would be justified.


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