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This is great news. Nintendo have work really hard to make something genuinely innovative - a console with a fresh broad appeal - one that treats the idea of the 'gamer' with a 'could be any age, anyone, anywhere' approach. And I think there are lots of people who feel left out of and turned of by the current idea of being a gamer.

They've got a really nice breadth to the games line up already and growing all the time. They've got the branding and the message right and it's working.

Mario Kart on Wii U didn't sell too many consoles because most people didn't even know it was a new console. Mario Kart on Switch - with its ability for multiplayer anywhere and hooking up with other Switches is a whole different ballgame in my eyes. It's probably Nintendos broadest appeal game - it will sell Switches for a long time.

Here's hoping E3 is great - but I think this has legs even if it's not as good as we all hope. I'm more concerned with them getting the online service right at the moment - that is a foundation element that has to be up to scratch.

And don't forget Mario Christmas! X


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