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Recently I've been playing Strike Force Foxx for 3DS.
I played the hell out of Choplifter back on Commodore 64 and Sega Master System back in the day. While this is not an official Choplifter game, it feels very much like the Choplifter I remember, but with an intentionally corny story added that resembles 80's action movies. You fly around, shoot at sumbitches on the ground and pick up civilians and fly them back to safety. For some reason though, they added voice clips for the civilians, so each time you pick one up up and bring them to the drop-off point, they always yell "Thank you" or "Thanks for the ride!" and there are only three or four different things they say, but they're all done by the same two voices (one male and one female) and they get annoying pretty quick. I remember back in the 8-bit and 16-bit era, hearing voice clips in a game was a big deal but nowadays they get added in even if they in no way enhance the game, and this is a case of that. The music as well is nothing special.
The controls are solid. The helicopter gets a little more difficult to control when you take a lot of damage but it's still easy to handle. Graphically it's decent, though the environments look bland sometimes. Another feature (like the voice samples) that was added in but not really needed, is the ability to use pictures you've taken of people with the 3DS camera and assign them to the civilians. Because of the game having that feature, you're not allowed to post screenshots in the game's Miiverse community. And speaking of this game's Miiverse community, it's so strange that this game released in mid-2014 but there are only a handful of posts on the entire board and the oldest ones are only from late 2015.
Anyways, if you liked old school Choplifter I would recommend this. It's only 5 bucks on the eShop.


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