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I love how people keep talking about how Nintendo is "highly curating" the Switch eShop. As if it ISN'T just going to fill up with garbage like WiiWare and 3DS/U eShop did. That isn't to say that those services didn't have great games on them, they did. But Switch eShop will eventually flood with worthless crap games, just the same as before.

As for Axiom Verge, I can understand. Nintendo is all for "ports" like Shovel Knight and World of Goo and Cave Story and Binding of Isaac. But NOT this, which is not only a super-successful game on almost every platform it's been on, but that has been successful on Wii U. Simply makes little sense. Especially considering that Switch's launch was a relative desert, so having a big indie title like this, would have been nice.

But hey, people are going to defend every dumb move Nintendo makes, no matter how little sense they actually make, right? I love Nintendo for their history, but let's not pretend they HAVEN'T made a progressive string of just plain dumb decisions over the last several years (including their handling of Wii U as a console in general).


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