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Nobody had any "sneering tone of voice". That's is 100% projection on your part, sorry to say. And I never stated that people in THIS specific thread, were defending Nintendo's every move. But it IS, sadly, a phenomenon that exists online, and has for many many years now. I know because I have in fact experienced it recently, on this very site.

I shared my opinion, and I'm welcome to it, just like anyone else. I am not someone who is overly negative on purpose, nor do I go out of my way attacking other people for THEIR opinions. But I HAVE been attacked, even on this site, for pointing out simple truths/criticisms, and having, as you say, "Nintendo Fanboys" attack me for daring to criticize them at all.

When Nintendo starts proving that they can once again CONSISTENTLY make good/positive/smart decisions, on a regular basis again, and they start giving me more reasons to applaud rather than jeer them, then I absolutely will. Until then, I'll continue to be critical of things that I feel deserve criticism.



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