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While the situation is disheartening, I am not sure that "going public" (and seemingly "making it personal") are effective strategies.

If you look at the "ports" -- they are either older games that have been enhanced or newer games that are still very popular. They are also generally by people who have made many games and/or worked well with Nintendo in the past.

This particular game was exclusive to another console maker for a time and is the only game from this developer. (It came to WiiU and XB1 18 months after being on PS4 and PC and 6 months after Vita).

It is funny, the other developer of a "big" game (n++) who has said that Nintendo didn't want its game has changed their tune.

Maybe you get "more flies with honey than with vinegar."

EDITED TO CORRECT SAYING -- though you probably get more flies with sugar than with vinegar too!


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