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Wed Apr 26 17 11:39am
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Is there really a need for speculation on "if Nintendo is doing this because they are curating the content coming to Switch eShop" when they've explicitly stated as much and so have the hordes of indies who are developing for the console?

Also, if you think Nintendo is hard to work with or mean to indies, I suggest you look at comments from all the indies who are working on the platform who say the exact opposite.

Listen, I may not agree with them in not prioritizing getting AV on Switch around launch, but they've stated that (for the most part) they are mostly concerned with getting games that fall into certain categories: New games, exclusive games, enhanced ports, or games that use features of the console (motion, touch, HD rumble.) So then, isn't it entirely possible that they didn't give a devkit to them yet because the game doesn't fall into one of those categories and there are a limited amount of devkits and internal Nintendo support resources to go around?

Again, do I want AV on Switch? Yes. Do I also understand that Nintendo might have other priorities that rank higher than a 2 year old game that might not be anything more than a straight port? Yes. Maybe if they had plans to add Switch exclusive features or content, Nintendo would bump them up the list further.

Remember, Adelman and the dev team prioritized getting the game launched on every platform (including Vita) months and months before it debuted on Wii U, so just like they had their own set of priorities, so does Nintendo.


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