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No worries, though, I know it is a real pain sometimes to make a collection look good (I still do not deem mine to 'look' good, haha).

And I see.. only released in America? That is a shame, but I guess it makes it easier for me for now, hah. I sadly only have some normal White Wiimotes and the Luigi one. I forgot to get all the other Mario ones before they vanished in most places, so I will have to try to snatch them up soon. ^^" I won't be satesfied until I have all the Wiimote variants. Oh, and I also really want that Dance Dance Mario Mix box (with all the stuff). XD Luckily, it is available in some ways here. Smile

Also, ooh, I guess Mexico is rather pricey when it comes to gaming stuff, then? Sorry to hear that, that outta make it harder. :s Hope you'll get lucky to score some nice stuff, though. We ALL need more Waluigi in our lives.
Oh, and yes, we got the Mario, but not the full set, which sucks. -w- Also, I do have the Yellow and Red Pikmin plushies, but... the Blue one never released here. Those monsters. :c


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