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Fri May 05 17 06:34pm
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I have a hard time believing some of the games will be able to transferred over that easily. In particular, the multiplayer ones like the Mario, AC, and Metroid ones really big use of the multi-screen concept and as far as the single-player side goes, the DK one was pretty reliant on having the screen in your hand for the whole rotating-perspective thing to work. You could argue that the out-of-dock mode would still allow that, but the whole thing just makes me uncomfortable.

It's really a shame that Switch couldn't integrate the Wii U's big two-screen feature, because I'd feel a lot more comfortable with all the Wii U-to-Switch ports if it did, even if I feel like us Wii U owners are still getting royally gipped either way from this complete exodus from our platform with all these former exclusives getting fuller-featured versions on other systems.


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