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Fri May 12 17 09:28pm
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I realized that was one of you liveliest recent video... In a lot of your video reviews you sound tired... I actually stopped watching some because of the tone and the fact you apologies for you opinion 2/3rd the time of the video... Maybe you record you video too late and it would be better to do it sooner in the day like this one?

Anyway, the Wario and Star Mario are probably the best ones you got, but I'm disappointed there was not even a chance for a Waluigi toy. Sad

[EDIT] Ahhh... I'm conflicted. I'm against editing my post to change what was posted, but I really written it all like shit. Ok, That first part was supposed to sound worried, not snarky/dickish... I should have put a ! instead of the ... at the end of the first sentence. Also, I meant that I had to stop watching some videos because I was too worried about his tiredness... and the apologizing comment is in support of this, as I believe some people have a tendency to belittle themselves more when tired (I'm like that too).
Sorry if my comment angered or hurt anyone. It wasn't the intention.