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Mon May 15 17 06:41pm
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I have no hope a Switch port with complete feature parity with X-Box One / PS 4 happening. Sure the game probably will get ported, but it will be massively inferior to PS 4 / One.

Treyarch had a Nintendo team that handled Blops II and Ghosts for Wii U, but that team was disbanded. Blops II and Ghosts Wii U didn't get much support (only one DLC map for each game)or advertising either.

WWII on Switch will have downgraded graphics, yes, but they could strip the gore (Treyarch's World at War had gore stripped out on Wii), probably won't have any DLC outside maybe one free DLC map, and they'll barely support it for 3-6 months before abandoning it (they wont' advertise it either).