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It's the stupidest hardware problem of all time if it's true then. I called NOA Support and they told me it's likely something that the guys in Japan would have to fix via an update, since it's a problem with every switch at market (at least the launch batch.) I was able to connect to a local bowling alley at max strength with no problems at all yet if I try to connect to my home Wifi the Switch never reaches 2 bars unless I go downstairs to the room my router is in, and none of my other consoles suffer from this problem. Considering how I've seen a plentiful amount of people on GN, Reddit and Gamefaqs suffer the same Wifi problem if they have a 2.4GHZ router like me, this is a pretty major system flaw that I'm still disgusted major news sites chose to ignore.

And of course, I installed the update and it did absolutely nothing, as always... Getting pretty agitated with this thing.


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