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I get that feeling as well, especially considering how immature some people got when The Disney Afternoon Collection skipped the switch, portbegging like mad and going "We DESERVE this game as the NES was owned by Nintendo!", acting as if the lack of a port was due to Capcom hating Nintendo or something dumb along those lines. (when it simply was in development before the Switch was announced, and publishing was managed by Capcom USA and not the JPN Capcom that seems to be overly eager to support switch)

Needless to say, as someone with multiple systems seeing obnoxious port-begging spam on everything that had to do with the game got annoying REAL quick, especially when some Nintendo owners went as far as to say that PS/Xbox owners don't need the DAC because "they only play FPS games", which is the most childish generalization I've heard of next to "Fans of achievement systems brag a lot." More games won't hurt switch, but I can also see the reasoning of the devs here.


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