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Should have Said "little irritated" instead of "angry"

Second, this Striker Pack give you the first game with the second game whatever you want both or one of them and if they are not selling them standalone, then people have to double dip if they own one game and only Want the other game!

Third, I Want to play Shovel Knight on Switch, BUT because I already have it on my Wii U and don't want to double dip for the same game, I "can't/will not" do it.

But on Ps3/Ps4 I have crossbuy with many games and I have had times when I brought the Ps3-version but when I start playing it, I have played the Ps4-version instead for free.
BUT I would have been happier if all old Ps3 PSN-games were playable on PS4.

So I'm more "angry" that I "can't/will not" play older games at newer system if the "update" don't have enough new content than if I have to buy a game again for the new content.
MK8D new battle mode is not enough for me to buy it again, for I play MK8 almost only in singleplayer and I have brought the DLC, so I'm irritated that I "can't/will not" buy the Best
mario kart to date.

PS. NICE to see hear a person that have maybe not double dip at Shovel Knight, for I tired of hearing people saying that they have brought IT on every platform they have, for I Don't think the game is that great, for IT is really good, BUT not a "buy 5 time" masterpiece!


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