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Mon May 22 17 08:55pm
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I dunno, I've had plenty to play on my PS4 lately to the point my backlog is massive on it. Puyo Puyo Tetris, Kingdom Hearts 1.5/2.5, DARIUSBURST, the PS plus games and a ton of the stuff that's on sale. Granted, I bought the system when it was several years old, but even my freaking 3DS gave me a lot of enjoyment when June came around and the VC opened. Sure, the Switch has more quality retail games out, but if most are multiplatform ports that I can get for systems that support achievements, (sans Disgaea 5 as the devs built them into the Switch version) I'm gonna get it for my PS4 (as I did with puyo.)

It's just frustrating when so far we've had Zelda, Mario Kart, lots of multiplats, obscure but good gems like KAMIKO and Soldam Bloom Declaration, and the hordes of Street Fighter Clones from the NEOGEO, despite the real deal coming out this week. (not to mention that even the best non-clone fighters like Garou and KOF are already out now, which should hopefully mean Hamster stops with the fighters and focuses on genres with replay value.)

Honestly, the only major retail game that I think is worth a buy on switch to have come out since launch is Disgaea 5, since it's filled with content and is pretty much perfect for the Switch's handheld nature. (since 3/4 got vita ports that were done well, and 5 is following suit) That's why I'm really bummed the GCN on launch day rumor didn't happen because a lot of the rumored games had tons of depth that would give me reason to play my switch as much as I did with my Wii U back in the day. (I still play my 3DS as well, though that has to do with a lot of new games like FE Echoes)

So yeah, as far as I'm concerned unless you skipped the Wii U and don't buy much for other consoles, the Switch's library is rather dry now, and won't be un-dry until August/September when/if they announce any games with lots of content for that period. (Hopefully FE Warriors gets dated for August) I get what their new focus is (and it IS better than the Wii U's empty Nov-April Period) but it's pretty darn annoying to say the least.