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The only multiplatform games I DON'T get on PS4 over switch are the Arcade archives games, since their achievements/trophies on other systems offer nothing of value at all and are insanely easy to obtain, only being there due to the platform holders require them. That along with the fact that they feel nice on the Switch despite the low amount of quality rereleases makes those games worth a buy in my book.

The reason I go after achievement-supporting titles is because in most cases it gives the player extra things to do that isn't shown in the main game, and for a lot of the ones I play at least some of them can be a good, unique challenge, while in some other cases they just come if you aim for 100% completion. Obviously not everyone cares for these, and with them being totally optional that's fine, but when two versions of a game are the same price yet only one supports achievements... I'll grab that version if the achievements add to the replay value.