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That doesn't mean that every game needs to be like that though. I, myself, have made several good friends from all over the world over voice chat in Resident Evil Revelations on Wii U. Heck I've played that game in coop every monday for the past year with the same dude to the point where we're amongst the fastest duos on that game because we know each other so well and have assigned one another roles that we stick to.

So it's not like Nintendo doesn't want you to forbid you to do so in every game, but as far as they're concerned, for a game such as this that is mostly played by kids, they'd rather kids don''t fall against creeps, and as a parent I can totally stand by that. There are lots of adults on Switch for sure, but I still think the audience of Splatoon is younger on average.

In fact, while it bothers me that something like Minecraft Switch doesn't have built-in audio chat, I feel much safer letting my 9 year old daughter who's an hardcore Minecraft fan play the switch version on her own without fear of people neither of us know contacting her and spouting creepy stuff at her through a microphone.


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