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While I regret purchasing a Wii U because let's face it most of it's exclusives have been ported or are being ported to other consoles. I wouldn't mind rebuying these 4 games IF they got the MK8: Deluxe treatment.

Super Mario Maker: Add slopes, more stage themes, more power-ups, enemies, Luigi, etc.

Pokken Tournament: Only one out of the 4 I didnt play/buy. Include all of the arcade characters as well as new characters.

Super Smash Bros.: Obvious one. Combine both Wii U and 3DS versions into one version. Update Smash Run make it so we can see other players and make it online. Add new stages (Splatoon, Breath of the Wild, Arms stage) and add like 3 new characters (dont really care who at this point given up hope that K.Rool will ever be playable)

Hyrule Warriors: Just include all the DLC. I didnt't get to experience any of the Legends characters as my Wii U broke sent it for repair got lost in the mail so I sold all my Wii U games before the Legends DLC hit. Also was not gonna get the crappy 3DS version due to performance issues and the fact that I hate playing on that tiny bad resolution screen.


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