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Sat Jun 10 17 12:12am
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This better not be a Star Fox Zero delay from holiday release to spring to only bring a subpar experience for all.

Ever since we saw that XC2 trailer, I was of the mind that this will release for the holidays in Japan and release to the west early next year. Kind of like how the first two FE on 3DS release went from Japan to west. (tho different developers, I use those games as a reference from Japan to west release periods) Pretty fast turnovers, I believe. I think XCX and the TMS: #FE development turnover was like 6 months apart. Though now that I remember it the only one of those titles over 6 months to release overseas was Fates.

Also, tho this isn't developed by Nintendo the turnover could be for the better or for the worse. I'm in the camp for the former, I think Monolithsoft can deliver, whether that be this year for the west or earlier next. That's the most I'll give them in terms of development cycle. XCX case was prematurely announced and was set back by the Wii U hardware, in the end a great game and a marvel to look at. I don't think we're in for repeat, plus the Switch hardware is more streamlined. So though I doubt this year for release west, the latest we see this title is early next year. Though I hope it somehow simultaneously release in Japan and the west this year.


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